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Plug-in Effects

~♥~Free Plugin Download ~♥~

Animation 3 HERE 
And you need Set up Files HERE
FM Patch HERE Install for MS Plugin HERE
Artistic Plug in HERE
Axion Plug in HERE
Border M makes  HERE
(helps make frames, buttons etc)
DragonFly Plug in HERE
FM Tile Tolls Plug in HERE
Graphic Plus Plug in HERE 
Roseman Plug in HERE
Sqirlz Reflection HERE
(makes water move, snow, rain) 
Texturizer Plug In HERE 
(helps makes papers)
Vizros Plug In HERE
(this you need pay to get an key 
to open it helps make box's and 3d elements)
Xero Plug in HERE

Some of these plug in work on windows 8.1 
some don't but I still have them as I also have window 7 on
my pc computer 
All are with my 4 shares account 
Hugs Tinker Boo

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