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©Tinkers Boo

Copyright all materials is show as the link above
All is reserve on this site or share on the forum
my designs with fully copyright awareness by
Domain Name & License #


Terms of Use for PU/CU Use

 My Prices for Sale Items:

10 Posers for $1.50 PU/CU
Kits $2.00 PTU
CU Kits $200 PU/CU 
Frame Clusters $1.00 PU 3-4 Frames
Templates-Elements $1.50 *1 template- 5 elements*
Paper Sets - 10 Papers PU/CU $1.50

Freebies some will be provide in Pics for Designs and/or Tinkers Boo
I do own a forum call Tinkers Boo PSP Graphics where I share all of my resource designs of
tags, games, scrap booking, posers, psp challenges, tag offers etc

Purchase at Pics for Design HERE under *Tinkers Boo*
Posers>Poser Tubes
Papers, CU Kits, Templates, PTU Kits, etc >Scrap Kits

Or go to Author go down to TinkersBoo click search see all my designs for Sale

From time to time I have sales they come after 6-12 months of getting designs into the store and then they will come from time to time I give promotion sales notice as well xx example buy 2 get 1 free etc xx 

2-10 Hrs to make the designs as each design is hand create by me with my paint shop pro 7 Anniversary program and/or Poser 10 Program

I pay for CU4CU items of overlays, templates, psp scripts to color them giving me full copyright to use them as my files names TB

I have pay for Commercial use promote their sites on my site (which shows on the left side)
I given permission to my Disclaimer credits which HERE
Terms of Use (what reading right now) and/or HERE at Pics for Design

I will only sale at Pics for Designs which gives full copyright when using my designs must register with Pics for Designs, with an Copyright License # on your graphic tags

Copyright for my free posers are at

 ©Tinkers Boo
tag by (your name)

Copyright for my sale posers are at

©Tinkers Boo
PFD # (copyright license number) by (name)

For PSP Challenges may use my free/sale items by sample must give an direct link back to my stores to download the materials for free or sale items. Please contact me so I know you are using my designs for PSP Challenges I give you an written letter for permission if need, and/or terms of use how you and your members of you forum may use my designs

Terms of Use for my Designs

Freebies they are all for PU only that means personal use only for yourself you may make graphic tags, scrap kits, homepages, backgrounds, etc for personal use only May not sale my PU items for Commercial use.

For Scrap Kits you may use up to 3 posers per kit for personal use only

 Sale must purchase for PU/CU items some will be for PU only and/or PU/CU which means PU for personal use only, CU for Commercial use must do the following below

For Scrap Kits you may use up to 5 posers per kit to sale for PU/CU use must give me copyright for the posers, must not change my files names of elements, papers, etc unless I provide it to you for CU4CU use. Must add sites links to your disclaimer credits as shown below

Freebies at www.tinkersboo.com
Sales at www.picsfordesign.com 

Any members whom makes graphic tags for personal and/or tutorials must give the proper copyright as shown above for both my freebies/sales designs

You may Resize the items as the following are in this size

Posers 700-900 pixels
Papers 800 pixels
Elements 500-700 pixels
Word arts 300 pixels or less
Frames 500-700 pixels
Templates-Overlays 500-800 pixels

You may not claim them as your designs each design is either hand made by me or by my CU artist whom I have purchase the templates, overlays, and/or psp scripts from

You may not add them to an CD/DVD without my permission
You may not add them to any illegal site, such as pornography, child abuse, etc
You get as is , I keep the original files in my flash drive of all designs I create due to copyright laws and regulations for both freebies and/or Sale items for PU/CU use.

It takes anywhere from 2 hrs to 10 days to a day to create the designs to provide you digital scrap booking and/or posers psp tubes

Any money I make from the sales will help buy new materials for posers, and/or scrap booking to continue to share with you for free/sale items

Need other questions, concerns or help issue of my artwork designs please contact me by email HERE make sure to put in the subject Tinkers Boo Help so I know you are not spamming me

My hours are Monday-Friday only I will not be online on the weekends unless I choose to be for the fun of posting in my friends forums, psp challenges, or if I wish to design xx

If you email me on a Friday it might not be til Monday before I respond.. but If I do then you got lucky

Anything you purchase is yours for an lifetime to come there is No Refunds as it is all digital goods must obey and follow Pics for Designs Regulations as well xx

This is my new terms of use as I update an change them to best suit. May you enjoy the designs for a lifetime enjoy your stay and come back again as new designs will come each weekly to monthly

I have been web designing since 2006 I have taken course online for how to make posers, scrap booking, and writing tutorials etc. I gone to art school from 6 grade to 12 grade. Art is in my blood it runs in my family lol ..

1992-Learn how to read CSS/HTML codes
1995-Learn make homepages
2001- Learn work PSP /Jasc Animation - Robbies Retreat 
2006-Learn make Scrap Kits - PSP Paint Shop Pro Club
2009-Learn how to make Posers
2016-Began to write tutorials to teach others how to make graphic tags with scrap kits
2016-Learn how to play with psp scripts, make word arts,

Along this way I have had my own stores call Sunshine Designs, Sunshine's Creationz, Kitty's PSP Shares, now Tinkers Boo.. I've been online since 1992.  I am professional graphic designer and I take pride in everything I make weather it is for sale/freebie I bless others as it my missionary to do with God's help and will. All designs are create from my heart with TLC and is given to you.. for free last few years now I will run my business with Pics for Designs I profit 60% of sales, as I state above all money that is provide will help make new designs to continue to build and share this digital scrap booking designs with you. Down the road I might when I can afford it to print and sale my digital designs offline but at the moment and time I choose to sale only online xx 

Hugs Tinkers Boo
written June 19th, 2018 

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