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©Tinkers Boo

PFD # (copyright license) by (name)

Copyright all materials is show as the link above
All is reserve on this site or share on the forum
my designs with fully copyright awareness by
Domain Name & License #

Terms of Use

Terms of Use 


©Tinkers Boo

For any PNG Tubes or Free Set Posers that are share on the blog (here)

©Tinkers Boo
PFD # by (name)

For any Sets for FTU (free download) or PTU (purchase) that are with Pics for Design, they are
provide on the blog by Sample Page & Direct URL link to download and/or purchase for Personal or
Commercial use.

Scrap Kits- Making

 For PNG Tubes, or Any Freebie Posers you can add up to 3 for making ONLY PU (personal) kits

 For my PFD Posers Sets that are for PU/CU use you may add : 5 posers to your Kits for PU/CU use

Frame Clusters- that are for Sale at Pics for Design for PU/CU you may add up 2 clusters into your scrap kits for PU/CU use. For my Freebie Frame Clusters for PU ONLY- you may add up to 2 clusters to your scrap kits for PU ONLY

Tag Templates- You may use for making Graphic Tags only, You may use them for writing tutorials but they must download them from my blog not your site. There is no copyright require for them.

Masks- You may use them for making Graphic tags only. You may use them for writing tutorials but they must right click from my blog you may not share it on your site. There is no copyright require for them.

Word Arts- You may use them in your scrap kits and/or making Graphic tags designs for personal use only. If there is a set on Pics for Design for sale then they will be provide for PU/CU then you can use them for your scrap kits for PU/CU. Some word arts come in PNG they are for PU ONLY

Templates- Templates are PSP Image or PNG build into layers to color them like coloring book, turns into psp elements, there are color elements provide with the template you may use them for PU/CU in any scrap kits for PU/CU

Tutorials- They are hand written by me to teach you how to make Graphic tags using my kits or CU Designers Artist kits some materials may have to purchase to use from my store Tinkers Boo or PSP tubes at Pics for Design they are for personal use only

PSP Challenges- You may use my designs for psp challenges but you may only share the sample pages and they must be direct URL Link from my blog only. For my Posers in PNG you may EMAIL HERE for permission to use them on your site so I know whom is using them and where xx

Papers- You may use my papers designs in your scrap kits, make backgrounds, homepages, Facebook pages, for CU4CU use as is they come in the size of 800 x 800. For my papers in my Kits they are for PU ONLY unless they are PU/CU. Any Paper Sets I sale at Pics for Design will be for CU4CU use.

May Not Do:

 A. May not claim any of my designs as yours they are either create by me or one of my CU designers artist that I have fully copyright awareness to use as mine for PU/CU use. I purchase my templates, psp scripts, overlays, papers, etc once I render them from my Paint Shop Pro or Poser 10 program they become mine designs with full copyright awareness

B. May not add them to CD/DVD to Sale or Claim them as yours. It is AGAINST MY POLICIES


D. I keep the original copies of all designs and you get *AS IS*

E. All PU/CU items you may Re-Sale but you must make something with them such as Scrap Kits, T-Shirts, Facebook Timelines, Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Stationary, Any Zazzles Store Designs, etc

F. There is NO REFUNDS FOR PU/CU ITEMS. Read Step D (above)

All Reserves to this blog is mine ©Tinkers Boo 2016, 2017, 2018 and the years to come

Thanks for taking the time to read my terms of use they have been update as of October 4th, 2018

I share my PSP Graphics

 Tinkers Boo (which here)
 My Forum (which forumotion) HERE
 Pics For Design (my store Author>Tinkers Boo) HERE

If they are share on any other Forum that is my choice of sharing them they are to follow my terms of use shown above.

xx Hugs Tinker aka Sunny (nickname) xx

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