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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Freebies if you have problem download due to 4Shares you can Email me HERE tell me what you are trying to download and I will try to get it email to you when I am online. I am going through a divorce and I will be moving from Omaha Nebraska to Corpus Christi TX and then you have to wait until I am able to get back online again as my personal life I am dealing with some issues

Sorry for any inconvenience  problems this may cost anyone and look new items to come in the store for Valentines soon

Hugs Tinker aka Sunny

PS Details Freebies

 Subject Line - Add Freebies

 Post Comment- Add Title of the Freebie, Email Addy I can send it to you and I will see if I have it on a flash drive or download it myself and then send to you by Email.

Mon-Friday Online 2 hrs Evening hrs. Once the Divorce settle I be offline I can keep tabs by phone with the email and let u know if I am away we do have a Facebook Group too go HERE

And my domain is going to expire in 30 days this site will go back to it original as tinkersboo1.blogspot.com until I am able to get online in Corpus Christi TX and get it back to domain at tinkersboo.com

Hugs Sunny aka Tinkers Boo

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