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Sunday, May 6, 2018

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May you enjoy the new tutorials as I start over with a new tutorial site that is link with my domain name Tinkers Boo.. Each tutorials are being hand made from scrap kits that are mine or other artist designs, they will be add with CILM psp tubes, and/or poser tubes. Sometimes you may have to purchase in order to do the tutorial the way I design it.. or you can use an different tube. All is for personal use only No commercial use is allow.

Any art work that I use I will give copyright awareness to the artist and where you can download or purchase the materials to make the tutorial itself. If you are browsing my site but are not an psp designer/web graphic designer whom knows how to play in paint shop pro programs etc.. if you like the tags in your name of honor come join my forum HERE become an active member with us we have show off boards (General>Chat Room) we have Goodie Bags (prize gifts name of honor of tags), we have tag offers (request names for tags).. and much more you must be active in order to get this special treatment.. all is welcome to join us xx

Have an wonderful Sunday of what is left I have written 4 new tutorials they are promote on this site as well as my Tinker's Boo Tuts HERE.. I will come tomorrow continue to add more of my gallery tags HERE and my posers of Gumdrop and Cookie coming soon xx I have decide not to sale designs (yet still working kinks) but yet write tutorials instead xx from time to time I will share new materials myself when I am in the grove to make new scrap kit, and/or posers xx but for now I going to take n break an write tutorials with my kits and/or other artist designs xx

Hugs Tinker Boo aka Sunny
written May 6th, 2018

Owner & Graphic Designer

PS I've also update my Credits HERE add Pics for Designs, and I update my Terms of Use HERE (only for the site)

I'm off to eat dinner may you enjoy your stay an look new things to arrive of tutorials, and/or materials xx Hugs Tinker aka Sunny xx

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