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Monday, May 7, 2018

Good Evening

Good Evening okay all of Gumdrop is now back online I just need to add Cookie she going to take some time, as I have 320 sets of her.. of style and sets so with that in mine I going to add Cookie in Sets if they are bulk by the name of the set for example Cookie - Misc Files, Cookie April Dress .. etc.. Any of Cookie Holidays will be Cookie, then the Holiday itself so locate Cookie by Halloween, Christmas etc.. Same as Seasons too.. then once I get Cookie all up then I will continue to write tutorials throughout the summer months.. then next winter months I look into either getting my scrap kits in store to sale .. if I share any other kits, etc I do them at the moment by psp challenges.. otherwise may you enjoy not giving up just going in a different direction xx 

I just brought 10 dollars of CILM psp tubes from artist ©Alehandra Vanhek she is having an $1.00 dollar sale on all of her designs at Pics for Designs HERE for the month of May so come check out my friend lovely work she does awesome designs.. an I will be using her tubes in tutorials xx

I'm off to bed .. I be on tomorrow depending the thunderstorms as we have an cold front blowing through at the moment I not even sure if I going to Bible class lol as I go to the YMCA work out 2-3 hrs each week Mon, Wed-Friday and on Tues at church for bible study, then on the weekends I web design tuts or  psp challenges.. Sunday morning go to church.. yes I sharing details about me.. that way you can get to know whom I am .. but anyways have a good night.. as far as Cookie comes she take a few days to get up I will work on her Tues-Thursday then I going back to writing tutorials.. Once all the rest of the files are up of 320 sets then all well be taken care of except a few tags that still needs to be add to the gallery tags.. there is always work somewhere to do online between here and/or my other sites .. lol but have a blessed week an enjoy what is offer xx

Hugs Tinker
written May 7th, 2018

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