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Sunday, April 29, 2018


Locations to my Graphics are going to be in 3 places

 1. My domain site here of my scrap kits, frame clusters, mist backgrounds, word arts, tag templates, tuts, posers etc

2. Gallery Tags HERE have all of my tags designs

3. Forum HERE as friendship, chat room with show off tags , games shares, animations, psI p challenges, tag offers, and/or request for tags of mine to have names, it also has my blank tags and/or CILM artist tags as well..

4. Facebook HERE where we can just chat or post simple tags of signing in, or any show off tags as well..

I try to move to aimoo but it seems my browser doesn't work with aimoo so I have decide to just walk away from it for good.. it sucks big time because I have had awesome friends in there but If I can't get online by laptop then why should I even try to go into there.. because do much on a phone.. I also thinking of selling scrap kits and posers an if I do that I need time to web design.. lol anyways this is where you can locate my graphics or chat with me .. or collect my tag offers designs

Have a blessed weekend today I am going to work on my gallery tags, then I will work on getting Cookie & Gumdrop posers back up on the site here..

Hugs Tinker
written April 29th, 2018

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