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Thursday, April 26, 2018

April's-May's Newsletter

April-May Newsletter

1st I like to welcome anyone whom as sign in and is following me much appreciate 
for your membership may you enjoy the creations for an lifetime to come

2nd We have move locations for our Forum Site to Tinker's Boo HERE
at Aimoo.com where I will share all of my graphics on an layout forum of
all Posers, Scrap booking, tags, games shares, tutorials, etc plus it has
psp challenges (monthly) and general where we can make friends and fellowship
with one another.
I have invite all my friends for 2 sites to join.. if you are waiting to get in
give me an week to get everything add to the forum then I will allow members
into the forum. This is my last move I will make on an forum.. xx

3rd I have provide my scrap booking and/or posers here I still need to upload
Cookie & Gumdrop Characters look new characters to come in 2019 an the 
years to come..

All is for Personal use to download for free my win zip storage at the moment
are box.net and 4shares.com . Only Commercial use that is allow are my
Posers *As Is* You must purchase to sale my Posers for Commercial use you 
will be provide an banner as the sample shows below 

If it is for 

6 Months
1 Year
Lifetime CU 

 will be provide on it with an License # 
giving you my permission to Re-Sale my posers as is. I keep the copyright 
to them for making graphic tags but you may re-sale them as is  
and you will get an banner as shown below 

This keeps the middle name of the third party holder out of it 
an the money goes directly into my PayPal account to be use 
for purchasing new supplies of posers materials and/or
scrap booking materials of overlays, psp scripts, papers, etc
to make new designs to share with you 

If you donate thank you any amount helps it will go into my PayPal
for new materials if you donate more then $30.00 dollars you will
be given a new poser set of 10 poses that you may use for PU/CU use.
As my way of saying thank you. If you donate an you are not a designer
then I make an you a web set design with your choice of CILM artist
with your name add to it as my way of saying thank you
Thank you for stopping by if you download any materials take time 
to say thank you an look new things to arrive each month of 
posers and/or scrap booking materials, along with tutorials 
designs of how to make graphic tags for personal use 
Hugs Tinker Boo
written April 26th 2018

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